Adding a PCi Passthu device to a VM

Trying to add a PCi passthru device (1TB) hard drive for a StorJ VM I have created. TN can see the device but is doesn’t appear as an option when I try to add it to the VM as a disk. Anyone has had this issue and do you have a solution?

You need to create a zvol, that you then attach as a “disc” to the VM.

Looking through several forums, videos and other stuff… that is not quite it. I hit another wall myself but so far this is what I got.

  1. check the device shows on the list as you will need the last three numbers. Use

pciconf -lv

  1. Make sure you have VT-D enabled on your BIOS. This might be different depending on your motherboard.
  2. Check that IOMMU is enabled also on the BIOS of your motherboard
  3. On yout TrueNas go to System > Tunables and add two new entries.
  • First one should be Variable = pptdevs
  • Value = 2/0/0 ( this should be the last three digits from the card you want to add when you ran pciconf -lv)
  • Type = Loader
  • Submit

4.2 Create another entry

  • Variable = vmm_load
  • Value = yes
  • Type = Loader
  1. Go to your VM and click on devices. click on Add and under Type - select PCI Passthru Device. then select the 2/0/0 device shown on the dropdown. Save.

This should work now.

I have a Validation Error saying that IOMMU support is required which I have checked on my BIOS and it is supported and enabled so if anyone has a solution for that I am all ears.