AdGuard Home not working when using network bridge

Hello, I’m trying to set up AdGuard Home as my default DNS Server. All was working well. I just need to deploy the app, and change my DNS server on my router (Using TP Link Omada) to the ip address of my TrueNAS SCALE IP address.

But then I realized that I need to create a network bridge so that I can launch some VM and interact between the VM and the Host.

I follow this guide: Setting Up a Network Bridge | TrueNAS Documentation Hub

And everything SEEMS to work. I can still access TrueNAS UI, and even Adguard Home UI using the TrueNAS IP address…

But now my router cannot reach my AdGuard DNS server. I don’t understand why that is. Is port 53 somehow blocked when using a network bridge? Because I can still open the adguard UI on port 30004.

Any help would be truly appreciated. :pray:

Searched for the whole day for this with no luck. Finally figured it out after removing all apps and trying to remove the apps pool.

Apparently, when a bridge is configured, it doesn’t automatically set a name server and a default gateway. Need to set them up first in the network setting…