Adguard home: still can't update it

Hello all

I installed the official TN Adguard-home (AGH) app a good year or so ago (Bluefin or Cobia, I can’t remember) and since then I have never been able to get the update mechanism to work. The only way I can update it is to uninstall then reinstall from scratch (losing my stats and settings in the process). I’m now on Dragonfish-

Here is what I see, bearing in mind that my fresh installations simply use the default settings in the AGH app.

I select the app and click on upgrade from the drop-down (or click on the app and press the upgrade button):

“the following application will be upgraded. Are you sure you want to proceed?”

adguard-home 0.107.48 1.0.41 → 1.0.45 and saying “yes”:

The Related Kubernetes Events say (latest first, oldest last):

Pulling image “adguard/adguardhome:v0.107.52”

Failed to pull image “adguard/adguardhome:v0.107.52”: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = failed to pull and unpack image “”: failed to resolve reference “”: failed to do request: Head “”: dial tcp: lookup Temporary failure in name resolution

Error: ErrImagePull

Back-off pulling image “adguard/adguardhome:v0.107.52”

Error: ImagePullBackOff

Scaled up replica set adguard-home-798fb6dd58 to 1

Created pod: adguard-home-798fb6dd58-wjzwr

Successfully assigned ix-adguard-home/adguard-home-798fb6dd58-wjzwr to ix-truenas

Scaled down replica set adguard-home-79578d9cd6 to 0 from 1

Deleted pod: adguard-home-79578d9cd6-rwmsq

Stopping container adguard-home

at which point I am left with AGH set at “deploying”.

The “Workloads” logs, set to look at “adguard-home-798fb6dd58-wjzwr” in a container called “adguard-home” are unavailable because:

“Error Received 400 response code from ‘/api/v1/namespaces/ix-adguard-home/pods/adguard-home-798fb6dd58-wjzwr/log?follow=true×tamps=true&timeoutSeconds=1800&container=adguard-home&tailLines=500’”

and of course there’s no shell to open and no web portal @ port 30000 (as per the app default).

I can roll back to v1.0.41 : whether to roll back snapshots or not I don’t know so I leave the box unticked. It rolls back, quickly moves through stopped/deploying/running and I now have the WebUI available.

Now the The Related Kubernetes Events say:

Created container adguard-home

Started container adguard-home

Container image “adguard/adguardhome:v0.107.48” already present on machine

Scaled up replica set adguard-home-79578d9cd6 to 1 from 0

Created pod: adguard-home-79578d9cd6-xbvnk

Successfully assigned ix-adguard-home/adguard-home-79578d9cd6-xbvnk to ix-truenas

Scaled down replica set adguard-home-798fb6dd58 to 0 from 1

Deleted pod: adguard-home-798fb6dd58-wjzwr

and the pod logs:
Application Name:adguard-homePod Name:adguard-home-79578d9cd6-xbvnkContainer Name:adguard-home
2024-07-09 12:12:34.979193+01:002024/07/09 11:12:34.979067 [info] AdGuard Home, version v0.107.48
2024-07-09 12:12:34.983381+01:002024/07/09 11:12:34.983000 [info] tls: using default ciphers
2024-07-09 12:12:34.986750+01:002024/07/09 11:12:34.986649 [info] safesearch default: disabled
2024-07-09 12:12:35.004337+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.004219 [info] Initializing auth module: /opt/adguardhome/work/data/sessions.db
2024-07-09 12:12:35.004744+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.004699 [info] auth: initialized. users:1 sessions:4
2024-07-09 12:12:35.004783+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.004740 [info] AdGuard Home updates are disabled
2024-07-09 12:12:35.004798+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.004757 [info] web: initializing
2024-07-09 12:12:35.178831+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.178681 [info] dnsproxy: cache: enabled, size 4096 b
2024-07-09 12:12:35.178915+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.178717 [info] dnsproxy: max goroutines is set to 300
2024-07-09 12:12:35.178965+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.178844 [info] Ratelimit is enabled and set to 20 rps, IPv4 subnet mask len 24, IPv6 subnet mask len 56
2024-07-09 12:12:35.178979+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.178867 [info] dnsproxy: server will refuse requests of type ANY
2024-07-09 12:12:35.178989+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.178874 [info] dnsproxy: cache: enabled, size 4194304 b
2024-07-09 12:12:35.178997+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.178880 [info] dnsproxy: max goroutines is set to 300
2024-07-09 12:12:35.180092+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.180019 [info] AdGuard Home is available at the following addresses:
2024-07-09 12:12:35.180211+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.180086 [info] clients: processing addresses
2024-07-09 12:12:35.182207+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.182142 [info] go to
2024-07-09 12:12:35.182238+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.182156 [info] go to http://[::1]:30000
2024-07-09 12:12:35.182249+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.182162 [info] go to
2024-07-09 12:12:35.182281+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.182167 [info] go to http://[fe80::d2bf:9cff:fe45:45d%eno2]:30000
2024-07-09 12:12:35.182298+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.182172 [info] go to
2024-07-09 12:12:35.182314+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.182178 [info] go to http://[fe80::1ca9:eaff:fec5:415%kube-bridge]:30000
2024-07-09 12:12:35.182329+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.182182 [info] go to
2024-07-09 12:12:35.182364+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.182188 [info] go to
2024-07-09 12:12:35.182379+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.182193 [info] go to
2024-07-09 12:12:35.182388+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.182199 [info] go to
2024-07-09 12:12:35.182397+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.182204 [info] go to
2024-07-09 12:12:35.182405+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.182209 [info] go to
2024-07-09 12:12:35.182419+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.182213 [info] go to
2024-07-09 12:12:35.182429+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.182218 [info] go to
2024-07-09 12:12:35.182443+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.182222 [info] go to
2024-07-09 12:12:35.182452+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.182227 [info] go to
2024-07-09 12:12:35.182465+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.182232 [info] go to
2024-07-09 12:12:35.182474+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.182237 [info] go to http://[fe80::426:6cff:fecd:78e3%kube-dummy-if]:30000
2024-07-09 12:12:35.182482+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.182244 [info] go to http://[fe80::6c4d:76ff:fe3a:110%veth842a0168]:30000
2024-07-09 12:12:35.182491+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.182249 [info] go to http://[fe80::2cca:71ff:fe22:d6dd%vethef31fe64]:30000
2024-07-09 12:12:35.182506+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.182254 [info] go to http://[fe80::e48d:97ff:fe7d:ceb5%veth24248056]:30000
2024-07-09 12:12:35.182521+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.182259 [info] go to http://[fe80::902c:bdff:fe67:755e%veth0477aa76]:30000
2024-07-09 12:12:35.182530+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.182265 [info] go to http://[fe80::208a:aff:fe61:8897%veth49fda8ff]:30000
2024-07-09 12:12:35.182545+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.182270 [info] go to http://[fe80::f8c1:3eff:fe50:b5b4%veth15b556d5]:30000
2024-07-09 12:12:35.182560+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.182275 [info] go to http://[fe80::38eb:2dff:fe94:862c%vethc5f52064]:30000
2024-07-09 12:12:35.182569+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.182280 [info] go to http://[fe80::bc0a:9eff:fedf:5eaf%veth24ed287f]:30000
2024-07-09 12:12:35.182577+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.182285 [info] go to http://[fe80::60af:2ff:fe96:d40b%veth424d469e]:30000
2024-07-09 12:12:35.182595+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.182290 [info] go to http://[fe80::601f:f3ff:fe56:f986%veth9751b3ac]:30000
2024-07-09 12:12:35.182605+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.182296 [info] go to http://[fe80::5ce9:86ff:fe32:6e94%vethbd515c28]:30000
2024-07-09 12:12:35.182614+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.182300 [info] go to http://[fe80::a01b:f4ff:fe60:dd9e%veth37fd24cd]:30000
2024-07-09 12:12:35.182622+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.182305 [info] go to http://[fe80::843f:abff:fec1:d0f5%veth5980e38a]:30000
2024-07-09 12:12:35.182635+01:002024/07/09 11:12:35.182310 [info] go to http://[fe80::b891:9fff:fede:a929%vethd95464c4]:30000
2024-07-09 12:12:36.361924+01:002024/07/09 11:12:36.361821 [info] dnsproxy: starting dns proxy server
2024-07-09 12:12:36.362006+01:002024/07/09 11:12:36.361872 [info] dnsproxy: creating udp server socket
2024-07-09 12:12:36.362102+01:002024/07/09 11:12:36.362053 [info] dnsproxy: listening to udp://[::]:53
2024-07-09 12:12:36.362156+01:002024/07/09 11:12:36.362077 [info] dnsproxy: creating tcp server socket
2024-07-09 12:12:36.362174+01:002024/07/09 11:12:36.362125 [info] dnsproxy: listening to tcp://[::]:53
2024-07-09 12:12:36.362355+01:002024/07/09 11:12:36.362287 [info] dnsproxy: entering udp listener loop on [::]:53
2024-07-09 12:12:36.362428+01:002024/07/09 11:12:36.362383 [info] dnsproxy: entering tcp listener loop on [::]:53

There’s now a pod called adguard-home-79578d9cd6-xbvnk in which I can get a shell:

WARNING: Your user does not have sudo privileges so /usr/local/bin/k3s command will run
on your behalf. This might cause permission issues.

/opt/adguardhome/work #

and if I cd … I can see the executable called AdguardHome so I try “./AdguardHome --upgrade” which I saw on the AGH github page’s instructions:

/opt/adguardhome # ./AdGuardHome --update
2024/07/09 11:19:16.906357 [info] AdGuard Home, version v0.107.48
2024/07/09 11:19:16.906429 [info] This is the first time AdGuard Home is launched
2024/07/09 11:19:16.906458 [info] Checking if AdGuard Home has necessary permissions
2024/07/09 11:19:16.906998 [info] AdGuard failed to bind to port 53: listen tcp bind: address already in use

Please note, that this is crucial for a DNS server to be able to use that port.
2024/07/09 11:19:16.907011 [info] AdGuard Home can bind to port 53
2024/07/09 11:19:16.909061 [info] safesearch default: disabled
2024/07/09 11:19:16.911646 [info] dnsproxy: cache: enabled, size 4096 b
2024/07/09 11:19:16.911669 [info] dnsproxy: max goroutines is set to 300
2024/07/09 11:19:16.912919 [info] WARNING: no local resolvers configured while private RDNS resolution enabled, trying to disable
2024/07/09 11:19:16.912982 [info] dnsproxy: cache: enabled, size 4096 b
2024/07/09 11:19:16.912992 [info] dnsproxy: max goroutines is set to 300
2024/07/09 11:19:16.913062 [info] Ratelimit is enabled and set to 20 rps, IPv4 subnet mask len 24, IPv6 subnet mask len 56
2024/07/09 11:19:16.913070 [info] dnsproxy: server will refuse requests of type ANY
2024/07/09 11:19:16.913074 [info] dnsproxy: cache: enabled, size 4194304 b
2024/07/09 11:19:16.913079 [info] dnsproxy: max goroutines is set to 300
2024/07/09 11:19:16.913409 [info] cmdline update: performing update
2024/07/09 11:19:16.913792 [info] clients: processing addresses
2024/07/09 11:19:17.163107 [info] updater: updating
2024/07/09 11:19:18.963215 [info] updater: failed
2024/07/09 11:19:18.963238 [fatal] downloading package file: os.WriteFile() failed: open /opt/adguardhome/agh-update-v0.107.52/AdGuardHome_linux_amd64.tar.gz: no such file or directory
/opt/adguardhome #

I’m then back to square one with the system telling me “New alerts: An update is available for “adguard-home” application” at which point I don’t know what to do other than ask for expert help because I am out of my depth! Any advice would be welcome - thanks!


The very first part indicates that the update fails, because the new image could not be pulled. Have you checked from within the truenas shell if you can ping
Are you using dhcp or a static ip? If you’re using a static ip, did you provide the default route and dns servers?

hello Lars

pinging is a good idea which didn’t occur to me, but alas:

/opt/adguardhome/work # ping
PING ( 56 data bytes
ping: permission denied (are you root?)

I thought I would be root (because of the “#” prompt) and I don’t know how to force root.

My TrueNAS is given a DHCP address by my router although its address (at .194) hasn’t changed in the last year or so.

EDIT - sorry, I misunderstood. No - using the TrueNAS shell I cannot ping but I can ping (e.g.)

Using my desktop, I can’t ping either. However, in a web browser seems to resolve to which I can ping from trueNAS shell.

It sounds to me like the app chart is referencing a wrong url to pull the image. But I’m no expert when it comes to the preconfigured charts because. I’ve ditched the apps system in favor of a linux jail with native docker and portainer.

That’s useful to know - it gives me something to focus upon.

I too hope to go down the “Docker” route; not that I’m yet familiar with Docker, but it seems something I could get to grips with and it’ll enable me to run a couple of trivial executables without having to mount a complete VM to do so!

I’m looking forward to Electric Eel, as a result, which is why I have now moved any Truecharts app over to a TrueNAS app.

Thaks for your help!


Oh dear …

I had the bright idea of simply removing and reinstalling, like I did last time I “updated”, only this time the process again stops at “deploying” and the various logs are the same as above, namely

Scaled down replica set adguard-home-6589589d4b to 0 from 1
Deleted pod: adguard-home-6589589d4b-6gxdn
Pulling image “adguard/adguardhome:v0.107.52”

Failed to pull image “adguard/adguardhome:v0.107.52”: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = failed to pull and unpack image “”: failed to resolve reference “”: failed to do request: Head “”: dial tcp: lookup Temporary failure in name resolution

Error: ErrImagePull
Error: ImagePullBackOff
Back-off pulling image “adguard/adguardhome:v0.107.52”
Scaled up replica set adguard-home-6589589d4b to 1
Created pod: adguard-home-6589589d4b-6gxdn
Successfully assigned ix-adguard-home/adguard-home-6589589d4b-6gxdn to ix-truenas

So I am now worse off than when I started. This position is a familiar one …

… perhaps the problem is at source, but seeing as I couldn’t find other posts with this problem, it seems unlikely.

(probably bad form replying to myself, but …)

Having had to reboot my TrueNAS box for unrelated reasons, I now find that AGH is able to be installed and I am setting it up now. It’ll be interesting to see what happens the next time I try to update it.

I hope I can leave this thread “open” and I will report back, which might be a while.