After some random truenas crashes in mart this is what I find

Hi every one,
I just want’s to share my discovery’s.
I have been having a lot of random crash in the past starting at the first time i whent to Truenas.
I officially change to Truenas after the server I had before crashe.

In the and of my around 6 moth searching and upgrading my truenas and stoff, I finally found it it was my newle Ram that was not goed, 1 set of 2x8 was doing wrong as long the system stay in low ram i did not have problem soon that it use the full ram it would crashe this beacous it will start using the 2x8g rams as i had 4x8 in total.

folowing some guides and so on I finally rebuild en remake my Truenas.

I need to say that in all that time the ZFS and the way that truenas was make, it was still able to give me a good nas despite the random crashes.

I hope this will help some people as I was not able to find somthing about my problem before.

Conclusion: test every thing even you know that (especially) your ram are new still chek them , indeed Truenas most important hardware I notice is the Ram.

My best regards



Yes, this is good advice.

When I build a computer, I’ve found that it’s always a good idea to run tests on the RAM (with memtest86 or similar), just to rule out bad RAM as a cause if you later run into crashes or unexpected behaviour.