After updating to 23.10.2, My applications are not longer working

I have 2 TrueNAS Scale systems running. One was on 23.1 and the other was on I brought them both up to 23.10.2. After doing so, everything seemed fine. I installed 2 instances of rsync and set up 2 jobs from my Synology NAS to one of my TrueNAS boxes. It all worked fine and backed up. After 2 days, I noticed the backup jobs failed. When I started looking at why, I noticed the apps page was showing an error.

It appears to have something to do with the network. Strange as this network has been working fine.


Also, on the other TrueNAS box, the apps do not work at all. Unable to load anything. When I click on Discover apps, nothing happens. Just a blank page that never loads anything.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Show your network configuration please. Is br0 still there?

Usually it should throw an error if there’s not internet connectivity. Does this box have internet access?

Both boxes have access to the Internet. I removed the data set and then re-added it multiple times and multiple reboots. For some reason after the upgrade, I noticed that the main data set, was set to read only. I switched it back to read and write and everything is working as it should, I believe. I’ve only done minor testing but it looks like it’s back in order. Thanks for your input

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