After updating to Dragonfish drives are no longer recognized

I have a set of 5x10TB drives and another set of 5x20TB drives connected with a PCIe sata HBA card. Prior to updating all my drives were connected and recognized but now only 6/10 drives are being recognized.

TrueNAS Dragonfish:

I booted into a live copy of Linux mint and was able to see all the drives there. See pic.

Linux Mint:

You list no hardware details but it might be related to this:

24.04.1 is expected to be released on the 28th of this month.

If you don’t have a ASM1166 card I am not sure what the issue might be.


Using this

Should I just revert back to Cobia?

EDIT: Just looked at the tech specs for my card and it uses the ASM1166. Thanks for bring that up!

If you can, sure.
I am not aware of any interim fix other than changing to an HBA or similar.


There is a Linux kernel regression regarding port multipliers (which you shouldn’t be using)

I think it’s fixed in the next version.

Thanks for the info Stux! Do you have any recommendations to replace the card I’m using?

LSI/Broadcom/Avago SAS2008/2308/3008 HBA. A SAS expander if necessary (i.e., if you need it to control more than 8 drives, on top of what you can plug into the motherboard).