Allowing SSDP udp port 1900 to applications

Trying to get minidlna working as a custom App on TrueNas Scale, and hitting an issue with SSDP based discovery. If I run on a k3s bridge I get a unique IP but the service drops off the network from a discovery perspective after a short while.

If I use node network namespace I can’t hit port 1900 UDP which is required for SSDP discovery.

With Node Port I can easily re-map the service port. but I need the SSDP port to be 1900

Has anyone found a sane way to run SSDP services on TrueNAS as containers?

You can probably run it in a Sandbox.

I was able to run a docker container with full host networking on a separate bridged ip. This allowed UDP and DLNA service discovery/provision to work.

But it’s CLI only. This did not bother me.

I’ve also tried running the minidlna instance inside a VM on TrueNas and I still have SSDP issues due to the way the bridge network is configured for VMs.