AMD-Pstate driver for EPYC 7532

Hi all!
Have CPPC enabled in bios of ROME2D16-2T.
2x EPYC 7532, with amd_pstate set to passive or guided (active crashes the driver back to acpi_cpufreq and makes system unusably slow) PSTATE forces all cpu cores to 2400mhz, consuming 100w at idle.

Something’s very wrong. Is my CPU just not supported?

Edit again:
Reset bios multiple times and enabled custom P states. That seems to now allow boost clocks, but still no idling under 2.4ghz. They do sometimes go down to 1.8ghz but will simply go back up.

Edit: Others have gotten ROME working on similar boards on Proxmox.

This is what I get, explaining why I have all cores working at 2400mhz. I see it flickering back between 1.8 and 2.4ghz, one of the two but preferred 2.4 at all.

Edit: Got it working with turboing from 2.4 to 3.3. Still no idle under 2.4ghz, giving up and moving back to acpi.

What version of TrueNAS are you running?
Are you running TrueNAS on Proxmox? If yes, wouldn’t this be a Proxmox question?

Not saying someone couldn’t answer it here, just trying to get you a fast accurate answer.

No? I meant that others have gotten the driver working on Proxmox for this gen CPU, but I can’t in Scale.
Not to mention that the pstate active mode is completely broken on scale.
I’m running dragonfish 24.04 - 1 I believe.

Dragonfish is currently at 24.04.0 and 24.04.1 should be released on 28 May. Not sure if this will fix it or not. Can you try a version of SCALE before Dragonfish? Basically making sure that you can get the pstate operating properly? This would allow you to state that the problem is Dragonfish.

I have a similar Problem on my 3700x. If i enable AMD pstate and use Guides my CPU doesn’t downclock but boosts all cores to 4.3Ghz and active locks all cores at 500Mhz and even with a high CPU load the cores dont increase clock speeds. I’ve switched back to acpi_cpufreq

Cobia does not work, this is a pretty new kernel feature no? I’ve tried enabling the pstate driver and it simply didn’t even register.

So far everyone who’se tested P_states have gone with Dragonfish.

Exact same problem. Seems like we have an issue with CPPC on specific boards.
I went back to acpi_cpufreq with custom P states, set P2 to 1ghz and now it’s finally idling at that, not 1.5, not 2.4, but 1ghz. I’ll try and tune the voltages lower and go down to 550mhz idle to save more power.

Maybe the next release will work for you. Fingers crossed.