Another 'Network path was not found'

I’ve read through multiple posts about this error on the TrueNAS forums. In 99% of cases it was because the user had a DNS issue and the other 1% was the user hadn’t even setup the SMB share, so couldn’t find anything helpful there.

Tried to access the server’s SMB share a couple of days ago and it just times out with ‘The network path was not found - 0x80070035’
Strange, restarted server, restarted PC, still the same.

Browse to \IP\Share still the same error ‘The network path was not found’

Check I can access the TrueNAS web GUI, all fine. Check Plex can access the files on the SMB share, all fine.

Ping truenas, replies ok (entry in host file on PC)

telnet IP 445 - port is open and connects

It’s worked for over a year

Client: Windows 10 Pro

Server: TrueNAS-13.0-U6.1

Whilst checking the above I remembered I seen a Windows Update pending for 2024-06 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 22H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5039211 - 2024-06).
Uninstalled it and browsing to the SMB share works again…

I’ve read through the documentation for the update, doesn’t seem to include anything that could stop it working.

Currently reinstalling the update to confirm that definitely was the cause

did you figure out if it was the update? I’m seeing a sudden issue with shares being inaccessible on a PC…

Was hoping it would break again, but it’s been fine. I’m still 99% confident it was that update that broke it, don’t know how and don’t know why.
But I reinstalled the update and it’s been fine since.
Worth a try if you’ve recently installed updates, doesn’t break anything removing it.

Yeah I’ve just seen the exact same pattern - very weird.

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