Any luck with setting up Fibre Channel in Scale?

Hey everyone! I am looking to gather some input, as to experience configuring and using Fibre Channel in Scale. Personally I’ve had no luck, and run Core - because it just works!

Let me know what you think, and thanks in advance for your comments. Have a good one!


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Adding drivers is not really supported in TrueNAS, Core or SCALE. Just because it worked in Core, does not mean that it is supported. Both are “firmware”, not general purpose OSes or Linux distros.

That said, you can probably enable developer mode and add support packages. Though the FC drivers may not be in the kernel for SCALE.

Have you checked if the FC card has a driver attached?
You can do it with lspci -v from root.


Here we usually suggest sticking with hardware that’s known for working reliably.

I suggest you reading the 10 Gig Networking Primer | TrueNAS Community and giving us more info about your hardware.

Often the compatibility issue is not the system’s fault but manufacturers’ locks.

Hey @Davvo and @Arwen

I wanted to clear things up for this thread, that I’m not looking for troubleshooting of my environment. I am no longer working this problem, as I have a solid solution in TrueNAS Core and my efforts right now are focused upon Openshift/Openstack clusters :wink: I do however truly appreciate the responses, thanks!

Thus, I am seeking those individuals who have Fiber Channel working on TrueNAS Scale. I look forward to hearing from anyone who has this deployed and running at present.

Thanks again and enjoy the weekend!