Anyone gotten a JMB585 M.2 To SATA to work?

I have a spare M.2 slot on my Dell motherboard of which specs says one supports nvme and the other supports NVME and SATA

So i bought a JMB585 For NVME Converter M.2 To SATA 3.0 M.2 MKEY

I’ve tried the M key only NVME version as well but that had the LED indicators on but even bios didn’t recognize any of the drives in either m.2 slots
Has anyone gotten one of these to work on TrueNAS core to work?

I’ve read such as 5x / 6x / 8x SATA M.2 PCIe Cards and others. but my considerations were:
I only need to connect 1 drive, and
Didn’t want to take up a PCI slot as current GPU’s will use the x16 and block the x8 slot. and the the h310/h200 is x4 so it’s one or the other.
and had a spare m.2 slot

You’re likely to have better results with SCALE than CORE, as the JMB585 is not as well-supported from a driver perspective on FreeBSD.

To confirm - you have one extra SATA drive and all four of the onboard SATA ports are used?

To confirm - you have one extra SATA drive and all four of the onboard SATA ports are used?

Correct, 5 drives to plug in and 4 SATA MoBo Ports

As outlined in the thread you previously linked, choosing an adapter based on the ASMedia chipset might be preferable - although using SCALE over CORE and inheriting the slightly more mature Linux driver base could help as well.

But in this particular case - you’re unlikely to hit the “performance bottleneck” limitations of the chip with only a single SATA device behind it - especially if that single device is a HDD. Ensure that you can receive correct SMART data, build your pool with sufficient redundancy, and watch for signs of “unexplained slowness” or similar that might be attributed to the controller.

Thanks for the info; since the ASM1166 chip adapter i’m seeing either is in PCI and ~$30 i might just buy and HBA.
I guess this is the downsides of not knowing if stuff is compatible
or would you know if if there are available pic X1 HBA’s or a list of the ones that are generally compatible with TrueNas Core?

The best “official” list available: