Apache Guacamole sound support (CORE jail)

Is anyone using Apache Guacamole with the built in pulseaudio support? I’m wondering if anything special has to be done outside of

  1. Enable the checkbox for audio
  2. Enter the IP of the remote machine
  3. Configure the remote machine with pulseaudio TCP module

@pmh I know you use it, but not sure about the audio part.

I don’t know - any easy way to check?

You have to enable it for a certain VNC connection, enter the IP, and configure pulse audio on the remote machine,

pkg install pulsesudio
pactl load-module module-native-protocol-tcp auth-anonymous=1
pulseaudio --daemonize
sockstat | grep pulse

Last command is to see if the TCP service is running on port 4713, the try the connection.

Ah … I use neither VNC nor anything but Windows on the backend side.

Honestly, i find Windows much better in terms of VDI support. Audio just works. It’s a total mess in the *nix world with all the different sound backends (OSS, Pulse Audio, Pipewire). This also assumes all your apps are compiled with the correct support. On FreeBSD, for example, the pkg Firefox uses PulseAudio, but most other packages are built with OSS and you have to compile those other packages yourself if you want PulseAudio support.

I can understand that. But my use case is to have some VNC devices that multiple users connect to, and need to be able to share the same session.

Installing XRDP inside the jail, including pulseaudio and the xrdp module for pulseaudio gets the audio streaming just fine through guacamole.

Would still like to figure out that VNC audio…

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