API error on Homepage Dashboard widget

Hi everybody,

I’m using homepage as the dashboard for my applications. Recently i saw on the homepage documentation, that they offer a widget for truenas which could display system load, uptime and an alert counter.
I’ve created an api token in truenas and tried to add the widget to my dashboard, but sadly i get this api error:

API Error: Unknown error
URL: http://ipofmytruenas/api/v2.0/alert/list
Raw Error:
    "errno": -113,
    "code": "EHOSTUNREACH",
    "syscall": "connect",
    "address": "ipofmytruenas",
    "port": 80

Instead of the api token you can also use username and password, but i get the same error.

I’m uncertain if it’s an configuration error on my side or if the widget itself has a problem. Can anyone else who’s using homepage try to add the widget.
If it’s a problem with the widget i will file a bug report on the homepage github.