Application et mise a jour Truenas non accessibles

bonjour à tous , je viens de mettre en service mon nas maison avec truenas core . Tout fonctionne mais je n ai accès à aucune application ni aucune mise à jour de true nas .Sachant que je débute . je galère et ne trouve pas de solution .merci à tous

hello everyone, I have just commissioned my home nas with truenas core. Everything works but I don’t have access to any application or any true nas update. Knowing that I’m just starting out. I’m struggling and can’t find a solution. Thanks everyone

You have some form of network issue.
My first guess is that your default gateway isn’t setup or setup improperly in the Network settings. You will find it under NetworkGlobal Configuration.

The default gateway should typically be set to be the internal IP of your home router.

Btw, you mention you are running “truenas core” but you have tagged your post with SCALE and the UI in the screenshots look to be from SCALE.

Edit: Perhaps it would help if you could post a screenshot of your Network page?