Apps not working

I got a few apps installed like whoogle and plex. Then it randomly craps out and says there are errors all the apps go missing. I tried to delete the data file and reinstall the apps but it did it again. If I reboot the system it says kubernetes cannot start and throws errors in the logs. This is on a fairly vanilla installation of SCALE.

It would help greatly if you provided:

  • hardware specs
  • truenas scale version and configuration (NICs, disks/pools, etc.)
  • examples of the errors in the logs you mention

Supermicro SYS- 4028GR-TRT 4U
2X Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2697 v4 @ 2.30GHz
440.8GiB total available (ECC)
LSI 9200-8E
Supermicro 45 Bay JBOD Expansion Server Shelf 847E16-RJBOD1
eight ebay WL 22TB OEM Enterprise SATA 7200RPM HDD Comparable to ST22000NM001E so essentially 8 22TB Seagate exos drives configured in one zfs pool

Sometimes it gets stuck installing apps. sometimes it just errors on boot.
Ill try to install apps again for the third time to get some more specific errors.
Default install of searx wont load any search results.

Okay the errors are starting already

SMB share is not in the data folder for apps.

Is your apps dataset inside another parent folder/dataset that is shared, though?

Can you give us a screenshot of your datasets config from the webui?

No it isn’t. As magically as it wasn’t working it now is.