Apps Pool Backup

I am running a Terramaster Nas with 4 x SATA drive , 1 x NVMe for Truenas and the second NVMe for apps pool. I want to backup the apps pool but not sure which option would be best, can anyone give me some pointers please?


Probably TrueNAS / ZFS Replication.

P.S. Get a 2nd opinion.

Thanks for the reply. Can I ask, if I have one NVMe for apps pool and I have setup as a single disk is there a better way to do this so it does not show as a risk due to no redundancy?

Yes, add a second drive as a mirror. Otherwise, TrueNAS is going to complain about that lack of redundancy. You can of course ignore that complaint; that’s what I’m doing right now with my UGREEN NAS running SCALE. And I agree that replication of the ix-applications dataset to your main pool is likely the way to go.

Watch your retention if you replicate and snapshot the application pool… There’s a lot of datasets there, and, you can easily kill your system with too many snapshots. Several have. Some have tried hourly snapshots, not a good idea.

For me, I have 103 datasets there, not too bad. If I kept one a day for a month, that would be just over 3,000 not too bad. Those using pvc storage will find they have way more datasets. But I don’t back it up at all, it’s easy for me to re-create and no storage is there.