Are power loss alerts removed or bugged?

Hi, I recently had my UPS fail and cause my NAS to suffer a power loss event, and it apparently happened a few times before I noticed.
I expected to get an alert about it, because I remember (i think?) getting one a very long time ago (maybe under Bluefin?), but there was none.
Did I hallucinate the existence of a power loss alert? Or were they removed?
Or are they bugged and I should file an issue about it on Jira?

I definitely got an alert like that when running Cobia, haven’t had an power failure since Dragonfish yet so can’t say if it works there or not.

Apparently, the power loss alerts got removed because they are too hard to implement. See [NAS-129409] - iXsystems TrueNAS Jira

I guess it’s too hard to set a sentinel file at init and rm it on shutdown.

Could be done using an init script and a shutdown script.

The trick is simply to only do something if the sentinel file already exists at startup.

But I guess that’s impossible.

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I thought I had an idea of why the iX-men and women don’t like solutions involving sentinels, but I forgot what it was.