Asustor Flashstor Gen 2 NVMe NAS - 12 bay m.2 NAS (now with ECC!)

12 lanes of PCIe4 for the m.2 (1x per m.2), Dual 10gbe. USB4 (thunderbolt?)

And ECC.

Asus rep says they think it may support up to 96GB of ram.


Cool device, unfortunately no GPU so not for me…

Looks attractive. I’d want confirmation that it’s true ECC rather than the pseudo-ECC that DDR5 uses, and I’d like to know what network controller it’s using. But that’s quite a bit of very fast storage, potentially.

So how would you install TrueNAS on this, anyway?

Normal way is to temporarily add a graphics card. So that you can continue bios to boot off a USB or something. Maybe via an m.2 to PCIe adapter?

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That would kind of suck for me since I don’t own one, but I guess it’s a moot question–I just bought one NAS (the Ugreen 6-bay) I don’t need; I doubt I’ll be buying another one soon. Good news about the ECC too.

If this unit is what this fella says it is, I’m going to wish I waited to build my NVMe NAS. I like how compact it is and the idea of using only one PCIe lane per NVMe makes complete sense from an I/O perspective.

As for running TrueNAS, well he said it can be done however I’m curious what bells and whistles can be utilized other than just being a NAS. Run any VMs?

But if it does what he says, even if it is just a NAS device, I’m impressed. And the footprint, I like that too. And who doesn’t like Low Power and Quiet?


I was following the previous gen, and apparently it did work with TrueNAS, and like the guy says, this one seems to fix all the deficiencies.

Only thing is no GPU. But perhaps that’s the sacrifice they had to make.

Only a 4core 8 thread CPU, but seems to have a decent turbo.

Seems fairly amazing at this level.

A few smaller ones, I’d expect. It isn’t the beefiest of CPUs, but should be enough to handle some lighter-weight stuff. I don’t think I’d want to plan on running Windows Server as a VM, though…


I miss the old days of serial consoles, (or remote text consoles via network SC / IPMI). They were cheap and reliable. Of course, x86 / x64 BIOSes were designed as a full screen color TUI, (Text User Interface), unlike Sun’s OpenBoot which was simple command line.

If this thing had a serial port, (even if just internally accessible), that might be enough for installing Linux or FreeBSD. Not sure if TrueNAS could be installed as such.

Now it does appear that M.2 M Key serial port adapters are available… not sure if it would need to remain after installation.

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