Asyncio_loop consumes high % of CPU


I’ve discovered that even when the OS idles, the asyncio_loop process consumes about 30-60% of CPU but somehow periodically, every 5-10 seconds.

I’ve googled but didn’t find anything, what this process does and how to fix this?


It helps if you list your hardware setup and what version of TrueNAS. Maybe some TrueNAS graph screenshots to see what you are talking about.

If SCALE, try updating to latest release just posted

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TrueNAS Scale: Dragonfish- (Installed on SSD drive)

CPU: AMD Turion™ II Neo N54L Dual-Core Processor

I know the CPU isn’t super fast here as this system is pretty old, but Truenas GUI itself runs smoothly so far.

I’ll provide some screenshots when it idles again, now it’s transferring some big files.

That’s the middlewared process most likely. It’s the backend server that handles API requests, monitors system state, and quite a few other things.

I wanted to say that actually I found tons of post and threads from users that this process uses a lot of CPU when idling, but I haven’t found solution yet.

I see, so it shouldn’t be in the way of some more higher priority tasks…

Well, obviously it’s not idling when it’s using CPU. Most old threads are probably about bugs that have already been fixed, or are cases where third-party integration is spamming our APIs (this happens as well).

That said, considering the hardware you have I’d probably expect most processes to consume an inordinate amount of CPU time :wink:

will see how it will perform over some time, I’ll change motherboard and cpu later… or even buy a new complete server from truenas, who know, but one question about this, can it be upgraded without resinstalling everything?

Every 5 seconds the current transaction group is written.

Doesn’t that show up as async_io?

On a crazy slow system, this would be perceived as a high load process.