Automatically powering on a pool when it has been accessed?

I have a relatively large amount of seldom-used data that I store in an archive pool. Currently, that pool is on a secondary NAS that is only powered on when needed.

Whenever I need to access that data, I run a script that uses Wake-on-Lan to power on the NAS, polls the pool every 5 seconds until it is available, and then returns control to whatever is called script.

Does TrueNAS have the ability/feature to power pools on/off (and the enclosures that hold the pool’s disks) without a secondary script like I currently use? Ideally, I am thinking about an attached JBOD enclosure or disk shelf that TrueNAS can power on and poll automatically.

I have never heard of such a feature… but I can’t be the only person juggling kludgy scripts to reduce power usage on large, infrequently accessed storage pools.

Admittedly, I haven’t thought through how programs accessing the pool would deal with the long timeouts as the NAS powers on. That is why my script polls every 5 seconds before passing control back to whatever called the script.

No. I think you need to use scripts.

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