Backed up 2Tb drive to 4Tb now showing 4tb as 2th

I have inherited an truenas server from a friend of mine, recently the 2Th drive has had some read issues so i brought a 4Tb drive to back it up on, Managed to resliver the drive and back it up on the 4Tb. the issue is now 4Tb is showing up as a 2Tb on disk space but everywhere else is saying that it is a 4Tb.

running trueNAS Scale on linux i5-8600k 16gb ddr4 trying ti run 2x 4Tb WD red

What, exactly, did you do to “back up” the data on the 2 TB drive to the 4 TB drive?

When you resilvered it you replaced a redundant mirror (i.e. a block by block live copy) of a 2TB drive with a 4TB drive - but it can only mirror 2TB from the other 2TB drive.

However the other 2TB on the 4TB drive should be available to allocate as a NON-redundant pool if you have any data that is non-critical that you won’t mind losing if the hard drive fails.

If you are going to own a NAS, you should probably do a little bit of reading on TrueNAS and on ZFS redundancy to understand the basics.