Backup from Google Photos

Hi, I am attempting to set up backup from Google Photos. I followed step-bystep directions in this page.

I created the backup credentials which are successfully verified by TueNAS. I then created a backup task in the Data Protection. The credentials are verified successfully there as well. However, the Dry run of the task fails, with the error:

[EFAULT] Errors: 26 (retrying may help) Elapsed time: 0.9s <6>INFO : Google Photos path “media/by-year”: Committing uploads - please wait… Failed to move with 26 errors: last error was: march failed with 25 error(s): first error: couldn’t list files: Request had insufficient authentication scopes. (403 PERMISSION_DENIED).

Any pointers on what I should be looking for?

Thank you

Have you tried changing the provider to ‘Amazon S3’? Sounds a bit random but this worked for me when configuring a Storj cloud sync.