Bad performance with locally coping files in Ubuntu VM


I fearly new to TrueNAS and Ubuntu and are struggling a bit with performance with my 2 ubuntu VMs.
I am running TrueNAS Scale 23.10.2.
HW is: 1x E5-2670, 128 GB memory, 1 x pool (8 x 12TB HDD in RAIDZ2 - Media), 1 x pool (1 x 1.92TB SSD - Download).
I have 1 Ubuntu Server 22.04TLS and 1 Ubuntu Desktop 24.04LTS.
I think the issues came when I upgrade from 22.xx to 23.xx some time ago, but I am not sure.

I have mounted both Media and Download shares in both Server and Desktop. If i copy files from one share to another I get around 35 MB/s.

When I do the same in my Windows 11 PC I get up to 900MB/s. I also tested installing a VM on TrueNAS and got 900MB/s as well.

If I run speedtest for Internet speed, it work like it should.
I guess maybe this is more a Ubuntu question than TrueNAS, but maybe someone have some answers to help me fix this. Is there any drivers I haven’t installed. I have tested both NIC options on the VMs and no difference.

Thank you :slight_smile: