Best Practise - can we have a Forum section dedicated to documenting best practises?

I have spent hours trying to find best practise when it comes to certain configuration settings, and this is very labourious and difficult because it requires so much reading, and also because there is just no a lot of info out there that has been collected into one concise place so as to be easily accessible and easy to follow.

I propose a Forum Section be created that will have sticky sub-topics each dedicated to documenting the Best Current Practise for specific areas of configuration, but from the point of view of the purpose of said configuration.

For example: what is the BCP for creating a pool or dataset dedicated to the storage of photos and images? For MP3 and other audio files? For Office and text documents? For PostgreSQL databases? For video files? For Windows OS backups? And so on…

Or, what is the BCP for creating datasets for the purpose of storing multiple file types including Audio, Video, Text, database?

This post is to ask for such a forum, not to get the answers to the examples cited above.

Default, 128k blocksize, just don’t care. It won’t make any noticeable difference. The video files a larger one, possibly. But again the effects will not be noticeable in my experience.

Postgres could theoretically profit from a smaller block size but it has long been shown by Allan Jude among others that the advantage of compressed ARC with larger blocks by far outweighs any additional tuning you could apply.

And there’s the resources section which is full of BCPs …

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Hi nas,

I agree. This section would be a timesaver. In particular, as I consider some of TrueNas doc articles tautology, documentation is not helping much. I found myself with multiple mount points for the same user in my datasets and don’t have a clue how to avoid this to happen and delete them !?…

How would you implement entries in this section avoiding redundancy with the documentation?

Ah, thanks @pmh for the pointer to Resources.

@pmh has pointed to the Resources section, which is where these would generally be. The reason you don’t see anything on the questions you mention is that there just really isn’t anything to say–use the defaults and they work fine. Any need you may have for anything other than the defaults is going to be specific to your workload and really wouldn’t be a “best practice” in a general sense.

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@Loransea I think for it to be really useful it would maybe require a little thought, or perhaps guidance on how to ask and answer questions on Best Current Practise regarding a specific topic. Maybe a template could be used for creating such posts?

I have both ZFS FreeBSD Mastery books and I highlight statements which read as BCP, but I still have questions…

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