Best sas 3 setup for this case?

Im looking for the best sas 3 setup for truenas scale.
i have this server case already. Case

You really should have chosen a better case, one with a SAS3 (or even SAS2) expander backplane. It wouldn’t even have cost any more. But if you’re stuck with this one, you’re going to need to get a SAS expander, and then you’ll run one SAS cable from your SAS HBA to the expander, and six SAS cables from the expander to the six backplanes at the front of your system.

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Yea im stuck with this case.
Any idea on the best SAS expander and controller to use?

The best controller is always a LSI/Broadcom/Avago SAS2008/2308/3008 SAS HBA–these days I’d go for the 3008, which is the only one of the lot that’s SAS3.

For expanders, not sure what’s on the market for SAS3 expanders, but they should be generally fungible. This looks like it should do the job:

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Thanks ill give this a try.

Keep an eye on drive temps with that case.

It looks like there’s no actual ventilation holes in the backplanes!

So the fans might be sucking air, but where is it coming from?

A 36 port expander works well when supplied with 8 ports, and will even provide a spare 4 ports for your SSD tray.

Yes i know about the backplain blocking airflow. i’ve upgraded all the fans.
Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM, these cool the drives running at no less than 80%.
There are 3 of them. Set to intake
Noctua NF-A8 PWM, back of case 2 of them. there set to exhaust
The fans it came with were very noisy and inefficient.
the backplains are raised off the metal surface by not muck. But they are.

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