Best setup to save family pictures

I know nothing about linux, but I installed trunas scale. I installed it mirroring two 18 TB hard drives, and I need to send pictures from both my phone and my wife phone to the server. I don’t have money for 17 backups, but I have to delete pictures off of the phone so I can free up the Google account.

Can someone please tell me what the best option is to automatically send pictures and videos from my phone, maybe an app, and the best way to simply set up the nas server for the simple purpose. I have tried so many ways and failed with constant permission errors with syncthing. I don’t know an app that copies all of the files and folders over via samba. I want to be able to access and look at the files on my laptop also. So I can see what’s on the server and verify if it actually is sending everything. I know somebody can point me to some tutorial, but I keep trying to follow tutorials and failing.

Anyways if you know the best setup for my simple requirements that would be really helpful to point me in that direction.

FE File Explorer

It supports SMB, NFS, FTP, and more.

I paid $5 for it (iPhone) just one time, and it’s the best $5 I ever spent.

There’s an Android version as well.[1]

Google Play Store: FE File Explorer Pro on the Play Store

Apple App Store: ‎FE File Explorer Pro on the App Store

Alternative for Android: Owlfiles on the Play Store

Once you configure your SMB Share(s), you can then browse them from any computer on your local network. It’s one of the most widely used parts of TrueNAS.

  1. You might rather grab a different file manager with local network functionality (such as Owlfiles) for Android, since FE File Explorer Pro hasn’t been updated since a year ago. (The iPhone version is still being updated.) ↩︎

I think the best option for this by far is Immich.


Immich is my favorite so far as well. Great app and great mobile apps.