Best use of my QNAP, if I have a server with Proxmox and Truenas

Hi, I read many posts to see if I could find answers to my questions but could not find any that address the questions I have.

I have an older QNAP 453A with 4 x 8TB drives in. I currently have movies, photos etc on there. I’m in the process of setting up Proxmox and will be running TrueNAS on there. With 4 x 4TB drives and a SSD.

Can I mount my QNAP storage inside TrueNAS/Proxmox where I will be running Plex? Or better to move the drives to the TrueNAS server? Either way what would be the best use/setup for my existing QNAP with the rest? Should I use it as a sync backup for my photos(planning to install Nextcloud on TrueNAS/Proxmox as well)

This will be my first home network setup, so any advice would be really appreciated.

Edit: I have been reading and watching so many videos to try and figure out what is the best setup for Proxmox and TrueNAS, but I am so overwhelmed and don’t know where to actually get started. But I know I should just start and see what works and what not.

What is your reasoning for virtualizing Truenas on Proxmox ? You can also run VMs on Truenas. It uses the same Hypervisor as Proxmox and will take alot of unnecessary complexity away from your setup.

I would keep my qnap as a backup target for your data on the new Truenas machine.
The recommended way to transfer your data is by setting up a new SMB share on truenas and to transfer your data over the network.

What hardware are you planning to build your new system on ? There are pitfalls that you want to avoid, if you want a stable system.

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You might want to look at Uncle Fester’s TrueNAS Guide to see if it can be any help.

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Hi, thanks a lot for your reply and I am so sorry for only getting back to you now.

My reason for Proxmox is to make use of high availability if that is possible. Since I will be using an old PC, I thought if it goes down, another can take over the VMs, etc.

Perfect, that is then what I will do, use my QNAP as a backup, thanks.

I have an old HP AMD Athlon(I think) server with 128gig ECC RAM that I want to use with TrueNAS and then a few Dell Optiplex SFF 3070 for VMs.

No. TrueNAS is a file server, not a client.

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I think it is possible to have plex mount an SMB share though.

Maybe not using the app version.

The windows version allows this. On linux you need to mount the smb share and then point plex to the mountpoint.