Best way to move data on TrueNas to a new array?

I’m in the process of building a NAS that will be completed tomorrow. It will run Proxmox with TrueNAS Core as a VM with a HBA controller passed to it.

My file server currently sits on a Windows VM on ESXi ~8.2TB. I have a spare set of 10TB drives I was going to temporarily add to TrueNAS in RAID1 and copy over the 8.2TB on an SMB share.

After decommissioning the ESXi server, I was going to move 6x16TB to TrueNAS as a RAID10.

My question is how can I move the data on the RAID1 over to the RAID10 drives?

Best way is to setup a one time replication


Thanks, will look into doing that.