Bluefin to Cobia, no more reports available

Upgraded from → → 23.10.2. Now all reports are blank when going to reporting.

Is this common?

This is expected due to the switch from graphite to Netdata for the reporting backend.

In essence:

  1. Historical data has not been converted from Graphite to Netdata and is lost.

  2. With Netdata, reporting is actually now limited to a maximum of 7 days rather than the previous 6-months, because the data recorded is finer grained. The intention here is to support Enterprise customers who have enterprise-wide consolidated reporting, and don’t need to store reporting data on their NAS server for more than a few days - and was intended to avoid Netdata data volumes being bigger than the Graphite ones.

  3. Although the Netdata change was announced ahead of time, the switch to holding only 7 days of data was a complete surprise. ixSystem have promised to code a better solution that allows users to select how much data to retain and to define where it is stored and to provide for data to be summarised and reduced in size once it gets old enough.

Some of us believe that historical data is important to detect trends in e.g. rising disk temperatures that might indicate an impending bearing failure and are not happy that this change was made without consideration of users that needed it.

Thanks for the reference @kris. Will this be included in Or did it make it into 24.04.0?

Also where is the Netdata data stored? I am assuming that it will either always be the boot pool or it will move with the configuration file if you move that to a different pool. Can you advise on this?

My 24.04.0 logs go back more than 1 week.

@Stux Stuart, thanks for the feedback. (BTW I watched your Sandbox/JailMaker video yesterday - excellent!!)

However, much as I want reporting for longer than a week, I think I will wait for the first bug-fix upgrade before moving to DragonFish.

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Yea, one week of highly granular logs, 30 days of less granular. API can be used to adjust it to retain longer than that. Note to the adventurous, these can quickly swell up and consume a lot of disk space if you are careless.

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