Boot Drive Selection

Hello Guys,

So, i’m confused which drive should i use for the boot drive. I’m having the following SSDs

  • SK Hynix PC 801 512GB
  • SK Hynix P41 1TB
  • Intel DC P4511 2TB
  • Intel 670p 2TB

Which drive would be best suited? I won’t be running any application on the NAS. Plus, these are the spare drives i have.


The smallest one. The entire drive is used when selected as a boot drive.

I personally boot off a small satadom.

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Generally: Get a small and cheap SSD with the desired interface.

My pick, to save all SATA ports for HDDs are 16 GB Optane M10 drives. Under $10 on eBay…

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As I understand it (I have not done this myself), if you install TrueNAS to a drive larger than 64GB (I think 64GB will work as well), you can place the SWAP file on that boot drive. If you have a SSD that is 64GB or larger, that is a good option. Of the drives you listed, none of those. If you have a drive less than 64GB then the SWAP files will be on the data drives (the way 99.9% of us do it right now), probably due to the fact that when we created our pools, swap on the boot drive was not an option. If you have a lot of RAM and do not expect to run out of space, I personally would use the swap on boot drive option. It would free up 2GB (default) per data drive.

The second version of this answer is, any inexpensive SSD will work, and do not look at the capacity, instead look at the cost.

I didn’t want the decision to be too easy. :wink:

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As the others have said, even the smallest of these is much, much larger than needed, and you aren’t able to use it for anything else unless you do hacky things that we don’t recommend. But if you have it anyway and don’t have anything else to do with it, might as well go for the smallest of them.

Yes, thus the best option is a pair of cheap 120GB or so SSDs :slight_smile:

But reasons not to use a pair of drives

  1. extra cost
  2. extra ports required