Boot mirror, new disk slightly undersized

I have a pair of 240GB SSDs as a mirror pair. One started showing errors so I bought a new one. The originals were cheap crud as I wasn’t sure at the time if it would all go well, but this time I bought a Samsung 870 EVO.

But yeah, you guessed it, the new Samsung is 232.89 GiB and the originals are 238.47 GiB.

I was aware of this potential problem but i dont know how to know the exact size when buying a ssd and the Samsung said it was 250 not 240 so i though should be ok :frowning:

I seriously dont want a load of agro, it was a couple of years ago i installed everything and iv forgotten most.

What options do i have?

  1. Buy another of the original (crud) ssd’s (if they are even still available), but at least i know it will be the same sise.
  2. Buy a 500GB ssd. (mehh, and chuck the brand new 250GB away)

I do have the backups of the system & settings but im really unsure about trying to reinstall on the new pair of ssd’s, is it just a simple operation, will everything just work?

It was 50/50 if the ssd would just replace the old one and of course i lost :frowning:

P.S. is it possible that there is software on the Samsung that is taking up more than just header space, it said something about Magician 6 Software, not sure.

Do nothing.
Proceed with just one SSD boot drive.
Reinstall is easy on a replacement as long as you have a current backup of your config file.

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Im scared to do a reinstall/restore, prob because iv never done it before.

Is the procedure:-

  • Create Truenas boot USB
  • Boot system from stick and install truenas (dont remember how i installed it onto 2 ssds at the time but i assume it will give you the option to do this on install?)
  • After truenas is installed upload the configs.

And thats it? No problem? All my multitude of pools and drives and vm’s and jails & ssh keys etc should all be working.

I always have a habit of finding that if anything can go wrong it will go wrong.

Im not sure about booting from just 1 drive, it has the option for the mirror so id like to use it.

Yes, indeed!