Boot pool error locked entire NAS

I have Scale 24.04 running on an older Supermicro board and booting from a cheap consumer SSD. Recently, the whole machine up with an error about the pool pool. Unfortunately, I can’t find the wording in the logs anywhere. I think it was something about an uncorrectable error.

I didn’t lose any data, and after rebooting everything came up normally. SMART shows no errors. A scrub completed cleanly as well.

The config doesn’t change much and I have it backed up, so if the drive actually fails I can just reinstall, but since this server is running the shared storage for my VMs, I’d like to not have it randomly lock up due to a boot pool error.

What causes this and how can I avoid it in the future? Is my only option to reinstall with a mirrored boot?

You can mirror the boot pool without re-installing.

Yes, but I was asking if that’s the only option to avoiding this. I’d rather not tie up an additional drive.

Use a new drive with a high write endurance and it will probably last for years without errors.

That’s my current plan but I wasn’t sure how much of a difference that would make.

Fair enough, but actually you asked if your only option was to reinstall with a mirrored boot pool.

You don’t need to reinstall to use a mirrored pool

Or you can use a high endurance drive.