Boot pool not found

A few days ago I had a problem on the TN server. There is 1 disk that is degraded and 1 disk is in the process of being replaced.When the process took a long time, I tried to monitor the resilvering progress but couldn’t. A notification appears if there is an error

It looks like the server bootpool disk is damaged. My question is, if I replace the bootpool disk and install Truenas OS on zfs /SMB-Pool can all the data be detected again?

My system
Motherboard supermicro-seri X11 X11SCQ
Intel Core i7-8700 CPU@3.2GHz
1x 64GB SSD (Bootpool)
8x 6TB WD Purple (SMB-Pool Raid-z2)
(ARC-1203-8i) mode JBOD/Pass through

Yes. It looks like your boot-pool has failed and you didn’t have it mirrored.

Yes. You can just re-install your boot pool. Probably on a new device.

Was your boot-pool on a thumbdrive? Because that would explain the failure.

If you have a backup of your config, then re-upload it, and everything should come back. Its suggested that you download a config backup each time you update the OS… so you might have one even if you didn’t back it up intentionally… assuing you didn’t ignore the advise :slight_smile:

If not, then you should be able to reconfigure everything and re-import your main pool quite easily, as long as your main pool is not encrypted etc.

If your main pool is encrypted, then you will need the encryption keys… otherwise any encyrpted data is gone.

You’re right, the boot pool is failing. I turned off the server and installed a 256GB Sandisk SSD. I made it a bootpool mirror. And this is the result…
Do you have any suggestions for the failed boot pool?
The failed boot pool uses mSata 64GB. Should I replace it with a SanDisk 256GB SSD?