Bridge breaks apps, add usb ethernet dongle as second nic?

Ok so, whenever i set up a bridge interface so i can access my nas from a vm, my apps lose the ability to connect to the wan for some reason. Now instead of trying to fix the nas, I want to test adding a second nic. Only problem is that instead of going in to buy a nic and finding out my issue isn’t resolved, i was hoping i could just use a usb to ethernet adapter ( this one:


And test whether it works. My only question now is that can i expect it to work with TrueNAS and not be the problem when testing the apps or should i do something else here?

keep in mind that my vm doesn’t really need a very fast internet connection at all and a usb dongle might actually be fine to run it with in the long run

Do they still have the physical interface assigned instead of the newly created bridge
Post your Network configuration, this should be a rather straightforward fix that would not require purchasing an USB dongle.

In the case you really need another NIC buy a proper one instead of USB dongle.

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i didn’t manually assign a nic to the app so idk what truenas does by default

the only network config on my nas is that i forwarded ports to them

is the only network config on the specific app i’m looking at, everything else is blank (by everything else, i mean the network config menu above this in the app config menu)

update: never mind< i went fishing and turns out that when i set up a bridge interface, the dns nameserver disappeared and by simply putting in, it works now

note to all people, if a bridge causes something to not connect, check the dns nameserver in the global truenas network config

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