Bridging nics and link speed indicator

Hello folks,
I have 2 10gb nics on my TrueNas and 2.5gb switch. I’ve bridged nics into br1 planning to get 5Gb out of them. Br1 is up and im accessing gui, but i cant figure how to see my link speed. Im running Scale and it wont let me install ifconfig or ethtools.
Ive ran
cat /etc/network/br1/speed
And get 2500

But i was hoping for 5gb :slight_smile:

Any other way to see link speed?
Do i need to bridge 2 ports on switch as well?
Thank you

That’s just not how bridges work. You’d need to set up a LAGG instead, and you’d need to be using a managed switch that supports it and configure the LAGG there as well.

Of course it doesn’t–TrueNAS is an appliance and doesn’t support your installing additional software on it.

Thank you for the reply, switch is managed.
I was reading bridge vs lagg and no where it mentioned config on switch end, so ill get to that.

As far as link speed, is there a way to see it with something else?

It’s in the GUI as “media subtype”:

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Super, found it, thank you!