Bringing my Truenas Core to an END

I have had it. Without some serious help, very quickly, I will be saying goodbye to 2tb data AND TRUENAS! this sucks! I have tried every single possible solution, deleted tanks, pools, stripped ACL, new shares, default everything, you name it. I wish someone could help, I only want to have a stock standard NAS, nothing too much, and be able to access it from windows! too much to ask???

Erm. That’s rarely suggested as a solution that I’ve seen!


If you are can’t be bothered to read the manual for basic tasks like a network share, you probably will be overwhelmed with ZFS.

I would recommend or unraid if you wan’t a QNAP or Synology like experience.

Hi @Andre_Gouws, as this appears to be your first post I’m guessing you’ve not so far asked for help with your problems here in the forums?

It’s (generally) a helpful and friendly place.

Before rage quitting your build I’d suggest starting a new thread (maybe deleting this one, too?) with details of your setup (hardware and software versions of your TrueNAS setup and the clients you’re trying to connect) and problems you’re experiencing.

I’m sure someone will try to help you out if you ask nicely.

Let’s try an offer some constructive help. Tell us the following:

  1. Exact version of CORE you’ve installed.
  2. The hardware you are using for your NAS, including number of drives in use.
  3. Level of IT experience: e.g. used other NAS software, new to ZFS.
  4. TrueNAS Guides/docs already referred to.

If you want help, please begin by describing your setup, in detail, explaining your problem, and descring what you’ve done.

My guess on the last two: You cannot set up a SMB share. And you have NOT read the documentation…
Create a pool, create a dataset with the pool, create a user, enable SMB and share the dataset; access the share from Windows with the user’s credentials.

The administrator (root) manages the NAS. Users, not the administrator, access shares.

What do you really expect a thread like this to accomplish? You want to use something else? Knock yourself out. What, do you expect we’re going to be begging you to stay with TrueNAS?

If you want help, stop the temper tantrum, blow your nose, and ask for it. In detail. With specifics. “I wish someone could help” in your very first post to this forum, with zero details about what you want to accomplish, what you’ve tried to do to accomplish it, and what the result of that has been, wastes your time and ours.


Welcome. Please politely try again in a new post with information on the specific problem you are facing, and any other relevant details, so that others will have a better chance of helping you along. Thanks.