[Bug Report]Truenas scale 24.04 Lost ipv6 gateway

Truenas scale 24.04 and 23.10
Server environment:
docker 2.26.1

Problem Description:
Manually configure the ipv6 default gateway in the web panel, but the ipv6 gateway is still not visible in the network tab. Use “ping -6” and other commands to test, and it will prompt “network unreachable”.

My solution:
use ssh to connect to the server, use the “ip route -6” command line to configure the ipv6 default gateway, the ipv6 function is restored, and the “ping -6” command no longer reports errors. (This problem also occurs when newly installing 23.10)

Problem process:
Use the update package to update to 24.04, IPV6 OK

Then I did something and I’m not sure which one caused it:

  1. Use the virtualization function to deploy a virtual machine, and use the “virtual” mode for the network card
  2. Install docker service, enable ipv6 and restart docker service

PS:I know truenas scale recommends K3S, but I’m used to docker compose deployment, so I don’t really want to change.

PPS:I haven’t restarted the machine yet, and I’m not sure if ipv6 will remain available after restarting.

Unless someone has done something similar. I think you’ll need to reverse actions and proceed 1 step at a time and check behaviour. Its very difficult to diagnose when there are multiple events.

If conditions permit, of course.
But I think the core of the problem is that in the web panel, the ipv6 default gateway configured on the mobile phone will not take effect, and it will fail no matter how many times it is executed. It can only be configured through the command line.

Why are you using a mobile phone?

Phone? no Not using phone, is ipv6.
Because in China, only IPv6 can still travel on the Internet, so IPv6 is very important to me. .

The current main problem is that after setting the ipv6 gateway in the web panel, it does not take effect.

Another related question:
If you use a monitor to connect to the NAS machine, through the “config network interface” option, you will find that all IP addresses on the network port are displayed (for example, the public network address starts with 240e), but only the addresses starting with fe80 are displayed on the web panel.

Please report-a-bug (top menu)

Then send the NAS ticket iD back to this thread.

There is a known bug with IPv6 and VMs

but report to jira [NAS-128952] Truenas scale 24.04 Lost ipv6 gateway - iXsystems TrueNAS Jira (atlassian.net)