Bug with the "Snapshots" page in the GUI

Anyone using Core, try this and let me know if you bump into the same issue:

  1. Create a throwaway dataset named playground
  2. Create several snapshots for playground
  3. Visit the “Snapshots” page and type “playground” into the filter
  4. “Expand” one of the snapshots in the middle of this list
  5. Click its “Delete” button

Notice what happens to the list?

Keep repeating the “Delete” process, and you’ll see how buggy the GUI is on this page.

Why does it behave this way? Is this a worthwhile fix for the stable release of Core 13.3?

This bug occurs whenever you want to delete a single snapshot from a filtered list. By expanding only a single snapshot and clicking “Delete”, the entire list goes haywire and redraws for no good reason.

It makes it difficult to manually manage and prune snapshots.

*It can also “trick you” into thinking you deleted the wrong snapshot if the names do not properly update when redrawn.

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Yes, but that basically forces the page to start from scratch (which fixes any “redraw” problems.)

This issue may not be isolated to the Snapshots page. It’s just the most obvious there.

I doubt it. They gave the UI a rehaul in SCALE.

Snapshot page GUI isn’t really useful in my opinion as it is too slow to populate and as you have mentioned, the redraw of the page does sometime make you think you are acting on the wrong item. I think the later is seen in other GUI element of the interface.
What I think I understand from the snaphots page, is that each refresh will force ZFS to perform a new “zfs list -t snapshot …” to make sure the list is up to date.
Not sure if the refresh target the target dataset or run through the entire pool.

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The concern is: Is it even worth making a bug report on Jira? I have a hunch it’ll be shot down, since it’s for Core.

Which feels awkward that this “enterprise-quality” product has some really rough edges that ruin the QoL experience.

Look at the “Shell”. It’s not very usable. So instead of fixing it: “Eh, we’ll just remove it from Core.”

With that approach, it isn’t far-fetch to say: “Eh, just prune and manage your snapshots with the command-line. The GUI page for Snapshots isn’t really polished and has some weird usability issues.”

The GUI is the what makes an “appliance” stand out from rolling your own customized OS. It should be polished and treated in the highest regard.


Or set private :stuck_out_tongue:
Jokes aside, we know for sure that it’s not going to be fixed withouth a bug report on Jira.

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