"Built in" Netdata (Dragonfish): possible to stream to Netdata Cloud?

Hello Community,
I am currently running 3 TrueNAS Scale systems (production, backup and “backup of the backup”) which I upgraded lately successfully to 24.04 (Dragonfish).
Since quite a while I am thinking to monitor these TN machines with Netdata so I was more than happy to see now Netdata being more visible and usable on TN itself (“built-in”) via Reporting → Netdata.

My question is now, if it is possible to use the native built in Netdata streaming to my Netdata Could space so I can manage my 3 TNs from a single place?
Knowing that a TN update might break things again …

Or do I have to install the Netdata App via the App Store (which I think is kind of redundant now and awkward running it two times on one system) to make this happen?

THANKS a lot for your feedback and have a great day!

Netdata App is not redundant… it just uses the netdata captured by the system

TrueCommand Cloud can manage your three systems.

Netdata cloud has not been tested… would need strong technical skills to work it out and it may not work.

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Thanks @Captain_Morgan for your feedback. I indeed have a selfhosted docker instance of TrueCommand running to manage my three TN systems.

I used the wrong word of “managing” in my first post as I meant more Netdata cloud to monitor the three TN systems using the built Netdata from a single place.

As there was no reply to this post beside yours, I assume this is not (easily) possible and I will give up on this and move on.

THANKS again and have a great day!

I attempted to cloud join it and it looks like its not possible which is very disappointing

Thanks @Coolfeather2 for testing :+1: Yeah … not really want I (we) wanted to see though :roll_eyes: