Can I configure which cards appear in the Dashboard?

TrueNAS 13.0 displays a dashboard in the server’s web GUI. It has nine cards, each with overviews about different parts of the system, e.g. CPU, memory, documentation. But it devotes four cards to the four network interfaces, and I have only one of those interfaces (ix0) plugged into my network. The cards for the other three interfaces (ix1, ix2, ix3) tell me they are not plugged in, but I already know that.

I would like to remove the cards for the other three network interfaces from the dashboard. Is there a way to control which cards the dashboard contains?

The 13.0 documentation on “Dashboard” and “dashboard cards” describes what is in the standard dashboard, but gives no hint that I can configure which cards are displayed. The network interface cards have a “gear” icon, but clicking that leads to settings for the network interface, not for the dashboard card.

Not in CORE, no. You can do it in SCALE.