Can i install additional nut tools driver on SCALE?

Hi there!

New to truenas SCALE. I have a ups, model: Huawei UPS2000-G-1krts.
This model is somewhat supported by the NUT tools. (See: HUAWEI_UPS2000(8))

However, the driver seemes to be not included by default and needs to be manually compiled.

There are some walkthroughs to add additional driver to the NUT tools in scale, like this one: Truenas Scale monitoring Huawei UPS2000G - Cloud Alchemist

Sadly, the apt-get seemes to be no longer available in current version of SCALE.

Please thell me is there some walkaround? like compile it in another machine and copy into my SCALE? or is there some way to enable normal installation?

Thanks in advance!

Its 100% unsupported to add things to the base system, but if you must tinker and understand the risks you can use the install-dev-tools command to re-load apt and friends. Otherwise I’d suggest doing any custom work in a Sandbox/Jail and loading drivers out of there.


Thanks! i’ll try it out (and probably break the system a few times).
But that’s the fun! :rofl:

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[update] The walkthrough mentioned in the main thread actually worked. Had a little difficulties in installing the autoconf, but eventually nailed it. (And the system didn’t break, fortunately).

Does this mean that there is no supported way to install either Nut or Apcupsd?

NUT is already installed. There is no supported way to add additional drivers to it.

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Yeah, since posting my question, I found it at System Settings → Services → UPS.