Can I install and launch games?

I would like to know if it is possible for me to install a game and launch it? I tried to install GTA5 and when I try to launch it it tells me I don’t have the necessary permissions! Can I do it? If yes, how should I configure the permissions, thanks.

You’ll need to be a lot more specific, because it’s not even clear how your issue relates to TrueNAS…

Oh! Sorry !
I’m on TrueNAS Core (latest version).
I just want to know if it was possible for me to launch a game by installing GTA5 for example on the network share drive?
I created a share disk (Pool) and it is accessible from my network, I can create files and everything without problem.
The problem I had was that I tried to install GTA5 on the hard drive, the installation was successful from the Epic Games launcher.
If I launch GTA5 from Epic Games it tells me it can’t find the game location… No problem, I just need to check the game files and run the .exe.
The problem is that it tells me that I don’t have the rights to run the game’s .exe…
Can I run games installed from a network pooled disk?

You have to make sure, the user that accesses that share has the right to read/write and execute.

A more elegant way would be to attach a zvol via iSCSI. That way windows will see the external “drive” as if it were local. Its easy to setup. Windows and truenas come with all the necessary tools for that.

Just be aware, that depending on your hardware/network setup, performance will be bad.

In order to attain good performance for running games from a network share… the investment in hardware is normally a lot more than just sticking a fast and large SSD in a host computer…

But it can be done.

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