Can I use an SFF-8643 mini SAS to 4x SATA cable "the wrong way round"?

Hi all,

this is the interior of one of our servers which to my surprise recognised only 4 of the 8 SSDs we plugged in from the front.

Seeing the picture it is obvious, why. The mainboard features a single mini SAS connector, which does have a connection to the backplane, and 6 discrete SATA ports, which do not.

Is it possible to use 4 of the SATA ports to connect the second half of the backplane?

As you can see there is an empty mini SAS connector there - looks like SFF-8643 to me. Correct?

Any hints appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Passive backplane, I suppose? Then you could use a reverse breakout cable for SATA drives.

Triple check whatever you find!!! (See the β€œHOST” label on one of the pictures in the above listing? This is what you want!)


Just ordered a Delock 83320. Any idea what the sideband connector is for?

There are two 8-pin GPIO headers on the board but none of them is connected ATM.

The sideband connector should be for these GPIO headers, if the chassis has the LEDs to serve double duty as a Christmas decoration. :stuck_out_tongue:


And if you just do it the right way, suddenly everything works. Amazing!