Can not get WG-Easy working properly

Hello, I’m not sure if the person who wrote the original guide to installing WG_Easy on the old forums (This one here) is here or not, but I’m having issues with WG-Easy even after following that guide to the letter. It seems like I have everything setup properly, but I still can not connect to stuff on my network from the remote client. Here’s my setup:

Latest version of official WG-Easy App
Latest version of Wireguard client on iOS

I can connect my device to the VPN server, and the server sees my connection. I can ping and see devices on my network form the WG-Easy app shell, as well as ping my iOS device’s IP from the app. What I can’t do is use the phone to then access my local Windows box, or other Linux box, including the TrueNAS server from the iOS devices after it connects. I have an older OpenVPN server I’m trying to replace, and that works just fine. Based on the connection state, and being able to see/ping devices back and forth that the networking is setup correctly, but for some reason my client isn’t seeing anyone past the WG-Easy server.

Any help or info on this would be greatly appreciated.