Can’t access Hoobs app interface on Port 8082

So, I got Hoobs, a HomeAssistant variant, installed (my first app, from my first installed app catalog—:partying_face:) through TrueCharts. It’s supposed to have a UI on Port 8082. Going to my TrueNAS’s IP address in a browser on that port, with either http or https, is not working. I have turned off the http → https redirect

Screenshot 2024-05-15 at 11.46.40 PM

in System Settings → General → GUI Settings, too. I should be able to access Hoobs through either http://<nas-IP>:8082 or https://<nas-IP>:8082. Neither work.

That won’t have any effect on this.

The main support channel for the TrueCharts apps is their Discord server. But when I install Hoobs with all the settings at defaults, it works as expected: the “Open” button in the TrueNAS web UI takes me to http://<nas-IP>:8082, which pulls up the UI page for Hoobs. Is the app status showing as “Running” (rather than “Deploying”)? What happens when you try to browse to it?

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