Can we use apps from GitHub or VMs from Turnkey Linux

My point is simple.
As far we have plenty apps they are not completely useful and often do not work well.
Not at last - sometimes they do not get external IP or connect to external interface.
So I would like to know if we can somehow run vApp (or kubernetes) based on external GitHub library or in last resort can we use VM from TurnKey Linux or similar.

Your assessment, obviously… I infer you’re really asking about SCALE.

SCALE runs Kubernetes, so docker apps from GitHub do not work as such.
If you want plain docker(-compose), you have to install it in a VM (your choice) or, alternatively and experimentally, in a lighter “jail” or '“sandbox”.

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I was able to create an arbitrary Docker app instance (running a Socks5 proxy) on TrueNAS SCALE without any issues at all.

Apps > Discover

Click Custom App

Configure away.

Worked really, really well, but YMMV

You can load docker images, but the UI is not the best experience, you won’t find tutorials for that, and you’re restricted to ports above 9000.
Installing vanilla docker-compose in a jail or VM lets you use any port you want, using standard guides.

This isn’t true for the Truecharts Custom App. It allows any port, and is a bit more simplex and allow a for more configuration options.

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Here’s a good overview/guide