Cannot Change Static IP

I am struggling to change the static IP of my True NAS Scale System.

Version: TrueNAS-SCALE-24.04.0
CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630 v2 @ 2.60GHz
Memory: 16GB ECC
3 HDD NAS Drives

When I originally set up my system I set the static IP address of the TrueNAS system to sit on my admin network behind a firewall that does not allow my IOT VLAN devices to communicate with my admin network. Recently I have wanted to move my TrueNAS system to the IOT VLAN to be able to interact with those devices and so that my only computer on the admin side is my main computer. When I got to change the IP address to the IOT VLAN subnet I am running into 2 errors:

  1. The system gives me an error: “‘XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX’ is being consumed by Applications, please use a different node IP in applications configuration.” This is confusing because I am not currently running ANY applications.
  2. If I simply add an additional IP Address in the IOT VLAN to the static IPs and save and test I cannot get the web GUI to pull up. I have also pinged using my admin computer and it will not ping. (I have been able to ping from this network to other devices on the IOT VLAN so I do not believe there are any Firewall Issues)

Does anyone have an idea for either 1 or 2 or both. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Even if you don’t have any Apps running, if you have the App system running it will prevent changing your interface.

Simply unset the pool in Apps → Settings. If you want, you can reselect the pool later… but if you’re not using the Apps, may as well leave it unset.

I haven’t tried switching VLANS with the Aliases etc, but take a look at this:

If that doesn’t work, then worst case, you can use the console of the system (ie connect monitor/keyboard) to re-configure the network (change network settings, persist them, save them etc)

BUT you must shutdown the Apps, any Sandboxes and Virtual machines.

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Thank you very much and your guide was a great explainer of issue 1 if not the exact same problem involved. Definitely fixed issue 1. Still working on issue 2.

Was able to manually change it in the True NAS CLI. I think it had to do with the default gateway being different on the IOT VLAN and my ADMIN LAN. I could not change the default gateway in the GUI but I could force it in the CLI.

Thank you for the help Stux

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