Cannot give SMB permissions on new users

I am using TrueNAS Scale 24.04.0.
I created a new user with “Samba Authentication” checkbox enabled. Now I try to give this user SMB permissions and receive an error: “[EINVAL] sharing_smb_setacl.share_acl.1.ae_who_id: User or group does must exist and be an SMB account.”

I have a user with absolutely identical settings, which was created while I was on Scale 22.12, and there is no problem to give this user SMB permissions. So it looks like there is a bug in creating a new user in 24.04, such that the new user is not given an SMB flag.

Is there a way to manually assign an SMB flag to a user?

I am stuck on the same issue.
Both Users have the same permissions and “Samba Authentication” is checked, am on version Dragonfish-24.04.0

Hi i am also having same issue.

On fresh install works fine for till around 3-4th reboot and than an UID higher that 3000, loses permission to be added or modified to SMB ACL list.

If the user existed on the SMB ACL before the issue, they appears as a SID number in the SMB ACL list with the type as blank.

@ajw and @ilya if you can add your experience to @onix331’s bug report here [NAS-128815] - iXsystems TrueNAS Jira, it might help us diagnose the issue.