Cannot login to GUI, SSH doesn't work, both no response after upgrade to Dragonfish

SSH and web GUI no response.

Problem: Login page, SMB Share, SSH randomly no response after certain time

haven’t check other scale services and features, seems the whole Scale stop response.

System: Dragonfish Stable release “24.04.0”
CPU: Intel i3
Memory: ECC 32G
GPU: no GPU, no iGPU active

I cannot export debug before I fix this issue (temporarily) through reboot. it is imposable to get the Debug contain the error message (If I am right).

never saw this issue in 24.04-RC1

  • Can view the login page but no response after click login button, keep loading.
  • My Scale has ipv6 address, so I think I enable the ipv6 feature?
  • it will work after reboot, but will randomly no response after certain time, it is random because I have not found what make this issue to happen, also don’t even know when it will occur.
  • I used TT-migration to migration some of my Truecharts app these days, don’t think this caused the problem, will it? This script has tested by the team and shouldn’t affect the Scale system I guess。

I do have an unused VM bind with ipv6 address, I never active it during/after upgrading, so this VM always in STOP status, maybe this is the source of problem. I just delete the VM to see if the issue will come out again.
If this is the case, then the issue will not only disrupt the TrueNAS web interface as the notification in TrueNAS Release page’s known issue section, but also disrupt
other functions like SSH and SMB.

If you plug in a monitor, what’s displayed there?

Do you by chance have any VMs configured with IPv6 bind addresses?

I have enable host ipv6 (it has ipv6 address, so I guess I enable it ) on Scale, but I did not run any VM

nothing, just black. The monitor didn’t report “no signal”, so just no display output I guess

Monitor just being blank is kind of concerning. Seems like the system is just locking up randomly. But even then, I would think that it should at least display whatever it last displayed before locking up. Done any memtest recently? That would be the first thing I’d check.

never before, do you mean it was likely a memory issue? btw I am using ECC memory, I think it should correcting memory errors

It’s a bootable environment that stress-tests your system memory. That page has the download link and a YouTube video to get you started.

@toury if I’ve understood your right, you do get WebUI for sometime before it drops out? If so please could you collect a debug from System Settings > Advanced and report a bug, then we can get this reviewed.

The problem is that I cannot login to the system to get the Debug. I must reboot whole system to fix this issue temporarily, that will cause the debug file not to show you the info respect to this issue? since the GUI and SSH both no response, I wonder if the debug can still help, once the GUI and SSH works after reboot.

so, I cannot export debug once I fix the issue (temporarily) through reboot.
If I can export the debug, that means you probably cannot find usefual info about it in Debug.