Can't access TrueNAS anymore, because of wrong IP restriction

Hi… I restricted the access to my TrueNAS only to the IP Now I can’t access my server anymore… can anyone help me? I do not want to reinstall everything. This is not possible.

Maybe I can just change my computer IP to I think then I need to change my router LAN and DHCP settings for this, right?

Or can I remove this restriction on another way? This is so bad…

Thanks and greetings

If you have console access you can use that to reset the config, but if that’s too much,

What is your subnet? Is it in that range?
What is your router IP?
What is your gateway?

You could set your computer to and subnet mask to and try that. You would have to be connected to the NAS with an Ethernet cable.

Ok, I never thought it would be that easy. I just changed my subnet in my router and gave my computer the ip… worked

Awesome! Be careful when you change values like that.